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ICR Sector Board
Business Services
Sector Board
The Business Services Sector Board is a business-led, partner-supported group that represents the
fields of finance, insurance, and customer service.

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The business services sector provides a wide range of career opportunities across the broad fields of financial services, insurance and customer service. These fields and skill sets required to succeed in them play a role in almost all companies in business today. The business services industry is a crucial sector of the economy, leading the world in terms of earnings and equity market capitalization.

“I was able to put everything that I had into the customer service role and I was able to shine. I did the best that I could in my role, and I was easily identified for that next step.”

- Sarah, HR Payroll Specialist

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The business services sector is a growing and vital part of our local economy, as well as globally.

Accounts for nearly 27,000 jobs in our 7 county region.
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Job growth in the last 5 years
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Career options in business services provide a wide range of experiences, learning opportunities, strong earning potential, and unlimited advancement options.

Entry Level

Associate's Degree†
$ 30K+ annually*

Mid Level

Bachelor's Degree†
$ 48K+ annually*

High Level

Master's Degree†
$ 75K+ annually*

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