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Exceptional customer service delivers the best customer experience. Offering great customer service is important if you want to gain and retain customers.


Customer Service

Teller, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Associate, Claim Representative

Customer service is more than just reacting to customer problems, it’s also anticipating customers’ problems and taking measures to avoid them. Customer service representatives are present in most any industry and take on a variety of roles. They typically interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints.

Entry Level

High School Diploma†
$ 23K+ annually*

Mid Level

Some College†
$ 36K+ annually*

High Level

Bachelor's Degree†
$ 57K+ annually*

†*Salary level and education level may vary depending on position and individual employers.

Based on your level of experience, career opportunities in customer service might include: Project Manager, Customer Service Manager, Team Lead, Branch Manager, Operations Manager, Director of Customer Service, VP of Customer Service, and more.

Top Hard Skills

Computer Technology
Data Analysis
Problem Solving

Top Common Skills


Product Knowledge


Data Entry

Time Management

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