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A successful career in sales can lead to a handsome six-figure salary, and other rewarding benefits.



Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Assistant, Director of Sales, Outside/Inside Sales Representative, Account Manager

These careers identify the needs of current and potential customers through direct and indirect interaction and research. Match customer needs with product offerings, negotiate sales and train customers to operate and maintain new equipment. Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties and delivery dates.

Entry Level

High School/GED†
$ 30K+ annually*

Mid Level

Associate's Degree†
$ 65K+ annually*

High Level

Bachelor's Degree†
$ 105K+ annually*

†*Salary level and education level may vary depending on position and individual employers.

Based on your level of experience, career opportunities in the sales field might include: Sales Representative, Freight Broker, Real Estate Agent, Sales Assistant, Operations Assistant, Underwriting Processor, Inside and Outside Sales Representative’s, Business Development Associate, Account Manager, Personal Banker, Loan Officer, Sales Manager, Store Manager, Director of Sales, VP of Sales, and more.

Top Hard Skills

Data Analysis
CRM Software
Business Acumen
Business Writing

Top Common Skills


Active Listening

Critical Thinking

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